Have some fun and find all of the Amazing Grazing Cows located throughout Thorp. To make your progress, you can use one of the community guides found around town at our local businesses or download our app and click them off as you go.

tour thorp so you can find each of our famous

amazing grazing Cows

There’s Over 26 Amazing Custom Cows to See

Have you ever seen a purple cow? A cow in rubber boots? Or one wearing swim trunks, googles, and a snorkel? Life-size themed cows like these roam around freely in Thorp, Wisconsin, where we're so "head over hooves" for our herd that we let them out to pasture for everyone to enjoy! True... there might be other cities and towns that have cow replicas, but our are unique.

Each of of our cows pays tribute to the dairy and agricultural heritage of our community - after all, Thorp is a part of Clark County, the #1 county in Wisconsin for dairy farms, milk production, and number of cows (only living, breathing cowes were included in this statistic - ours didn't count)! Thorp's bovine beauties do count, however, in terms of the pride they convey for the people, places, and events that make our community a wonderful place to call home... and a fabulous place to visit!

a great excuse to get out and take a walk

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Be sure to get your map and checklist

Getting outside is always a great idea. Allow us to give you a reason to stretch your legs, close your rings, and enjoy the sights and sounds of our fair city. The Amazing Grazing Cows dot the landscape and give you 35 destinations on your stroll. Extra points if you walk to #34 the Leida Cow.

We have made it easy to find our cows and track your progress in one of a few options:

- Visit one of Thorp's local restaurants or businesses and pickup a Community Guide. Head to page 10 and find the map and checklist for all of our cows.
- Download the a map and checklist below.
- Download our Thorp app and digitally track all of the cows.

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