residential waste management

trash & recycling

It is the responsibility of all our residents to keep Thorp clean and adhere to local trash and recycling best practices. 

Thorp’s Trash & Recycling Contractor

Green for Life Environmental (GFL)

See below for information regarding the trash or recycling carts as well as the trash and recycling pickup schedule. 

As part of their contract with the City of Thorp, GFL will pick up larger items that you cannot fit into your garbage carts. 

You can call GFL at 715-669-3868 for further questions.

GFL website


Trash & Recycling

All Properties Receive Recepticals Based On Occupants

Thorp uses a dual carted pick-up system with black carts used for trash and green carts used for recycling only. Carts need 4-foot spacing between receptacles and other physical objects to reduce the potential for damage to property while providing a more natural pick-up process by the collection staff.

Contact GFL if you require additional trash receptacles or a large metal container. Preparation for construction projects is your responsibility to help keep Thorp clean for you and your neighbor’s benefit.


2023 Pick-up Schedule

Be Sure To Know What Your Recycling Day Falls On

Mondays are always trash pick-up days, but recycling pickup alternates based on which side of Washington Street you live on. Verify your date using the pick-up calendar.

All pickup dates WEST of Washington Street (HWY 73) are marked in Yellow on the calendar. 

For residents EAST of Washintong Street, the recycling pickup days are marked in GREEN.

(*) signifies a normal day for trash pickup (Monday) falls on a holiday, so the trash pickup will occur the following Tuesday.


recycling in thorp

Got Questions? Call GFL at (715)-669-3868.


All container type glass in clear, brown, green or blue coloring. Remove and discard caps. Rinse thoroughly, labels do not need to be removed. No light bulbs, windows, mirrors, dishes, or ceramics.


Marked with a #1 through #7 only. Remove and discard caps. Labels and neck rings can remain, rinse completely. No motor oil containers, styrofoam, toys, plastic wrap, or syringes.

Aluminum Cans

Beverage containers only. Rinse thoroughly. No aluminum foil, food containers, or pet cans.

Tin Cans

All coated metal cans, bi-metal cans, and steel containers. Rinse thoroughly. Labels do not need to be removed.. No cardboard sided cans or aerosol cans.

Paper & Cardboard

Newspaper, magazines, catalogs, paper grocery bags, cereal boxes, junk mail, soda cartons. All cardboard boxes must be flattened and clean. No wax paper or contaminated food paper (ie. pizza boxes). No paper plates, paper towels, tissue, carbon paper, etc.