There is no metered parking in Thorp, but there are multiple parking signs along the main thoroughfares.  Please obey these signs as well as seasonal parking restrictions.

Even and Odd Street Side

Winter Parking

In Effect Between November 1 and April 1 Every Year

In order to keep our streets clear of snow as well as to allow for salting and snow treatment solutions, Thorp’s Parking Ordinance (Title 3, Section 3) dictates that vehicles should be parked along the side of the street with even numbers in their street address on even number days. This alternates with odd number days.

For example, if it is the first of the month, you should park on the side of the street that has building addresses ending in odd numbers, like 101 Elm Street. 

This ordinance does not apply to Washington Street (HWY 73).


Towing Enforcement

Contact Thorp Police Dept or Clark County Sheriff

Thorp does not work exclusively with one towing business. All towed vehicles are ordered by local law enforcement. If your vehicle has been towed, then contact the Thorp Police Department or the Clark County Sheriff’s office.

Thorp Police: (715) 669-5523

Clark County Sheriff:
(800) 743-2420 or (715) 743-3147