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Our dedicated team of police officers is trained in peaceful and safe measures first and foremost. We respect everyone's rights, and we swore an oath to support an orderly and friendly city.

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Ty Schneider

Serving Thorp With Honor & Pride

The Thorp Police Department is dedicated to the equitable and impartial enforcement of laws and ordinances as well as protecting human life, property, and public peace. In accomplishing our mission of protection and service, the members of this agency will respect Constitutional rights, human dignity, and community values.

We commit to the enhancement of a police-community partnership meant to assist the members of our community with the identification and resolution of problems, in the effort to improve quality of life. We will give our community the highest quality of law enforcement services possible while continuously striving for the highest professional standards.

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300 W Prospect Street
Thorp, WI 54771

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(715) 669-5523

what you need to know

Accident Reports

it is your responsibility to file these reports

Copy of accident reports can be obtained online by visiting crashdocs.org. Other news of incidents occurring in the jurisdiction of the City of Thorp, can be received from the Chief of Police at the Thorp Police Department at 715.669.5523. There will be a fee charged of $0.25 per page. Please have the name of a party involved, an approximate date the event occurred, or, if possible, a case number. 

Per Wisconsin Statute, you must report any crash within the State of Wisconsin when it results in:

1. Injury of a person
2. $1,000+ damage to any person's vehicle or property
3. Damage of $200+ to government-owned property other than automobiles

If called to a crash, law enforcement may have completed the report for you. If law enforcement does not file an accident report (and one or more of the above factors occurs), you will need to complete the Wisconsin Driver Report of a Crash. 

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we provide a discrete bin so you may

drop-Off Expired Prescriptions

Located Inside City hall next to the police doorway

You can bring your old prescription drugs into City Hall during business hours and place them in the dropbox to get rid of them free of charge. 

Please remove your pills from the bottles and put them in a plastic storage bag for dropoff.

committed to your safety

police staff

protecting our community

Three full-time officers staff the Thorp Police Department. We also work in partnership with the Clark County Sheriff's Office, the Wisconsin State Patrol, and other surrounding community police departments.

Our police staff are trained in appropriate interactions with both law abiding citizens and those who act outside the law. They are respectful while being assertive just as is to be expected.

We are grateful for our peace keepers and we honor them for their commitment to the safety of our families, our businesses, and our community.

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