We are an equal opportunity employer dedicated to serving the residents of the city of Thorp. We are looking for upstanding and hard-working people to fill vacant positions.

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As Social Servants, We Work To Serve Our Community

The City of Thorp the place to be in Central Wisconsin. We are family focused and we put our residents first in all things we do. As new positions come available either through growth, retirements, or nominations, we are looking for people that are ready to serve first.

Thorp offers a robust benefits package including competitive pay, health care, dental, vision, paid vacation, retirement contributions, and the personal reward of serving the community.

If you are looking to take on a rewarding career in public service and you meet the requirements for the available position you are applying for, then we are excited to consider you for the job.

The online application is only one step in the process. We encourage all applicants to be prepared for in-person interviews and provide a thorough resume and cover letter when requested.

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There are no current job openings for the City of Thorp.

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