Thorp is commited to the building and maintaining of public roads. While we strive to be as prompt as possible, we encourage you to let us know of shortcomings.

Thorp's Streets are

City Managed

Work Requests Are Requested

While our city staff checks the streets of Thorp for issues such as cracks, sinkholes, tree roots breaking through, and various other problems requiring repair, we depend on our residents to report the issues for faster service.

Once a street repair request has been sent to us, we try to respond within two business days to the person filing the report and to schedule an inspection of the work needed as soon as possible. Circumstances may affect the speediness of our reply and service work.

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scheduled Repairs

Below is a list of upcoming street maintenance projects that we are currently working on. Expand each field to see specific issues we are addressing as well as a timeline to the expected repair completion date.

There are no current street repairs planned.

Would you like to request a repair? Fill out the form below and we will put the vote on the request during the next city council meeting.

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We will try to contact you within two business days after you send the repair request.

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