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Street & Utility Project

September 24, 2021

Three Month Project

A complete street and utility construction project on North Boardman and East Grant streets will be underway starting in August of 2020. Residents along these two streets can expect to have to bear the pains of construction for a few months while awaiting new utilities and a newly surfaced street by their home. The project is slated to be wrapped up by the end of October.

How to Get Your Mail

Wondering how the postal service will deliver mail if you can’t drive down the street? Temporary mailboxes will be set up at the corner of East Nye and North Boardman Streets for the duration of the project.

Garbage Collection

Another frequently asked question from residents living in the construction zone is how will my garbage get picked up? Residents are instructed to continue placing garbage cans at the end of their driveway and should the street not be passable, a worker for the project contractor, Haas Sons will deliver garbage cans to the nearest intersection for pickup and then bring them back at the end of the day. The contractor is requesting that residents put their address on the garbage can to ensure the correct receptacle gets returned.

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